Content Delivery Network

Is your business going to be delivering content? Of course, it is! That is how you tell your company’s story, promote your brand and sell your products. Even if you are streaming multiple videos, our robust content delivery network service will handle the demand. With broad bandwidth and exacting standards for speed and page load times, our clients are always able to focus on their core business and never worry about technical issues. Our network is used by clients in 23 countries. We serve a broad range of clients including robust ecommerce sites, personal blogs and WordPress sites. No project is too big or too small.

Among content delivery networks (CDN), our networks are considered some of the best in the industry in terms of speed and reliability. As a system of distributed servers, we provide users with content based on their geographic location. Content is also available based on the location of website’s owner. For websites with high traffic or who deal with a global clientele, this is ideal. With the superior design of our servers, clients experience faster load times and less lapses in utility. This keeps web traffic flowing efficiently and effectively.

How Do CDNs Work?
When a visitor accesses a website, the information is requested from the nearest server. While transparent to the user, the CDN will request copies of the requested website pages. While the servers that the content is on may be geographically distant from one another, the user is able to quickly see the information that they are looking for. Each server that is accessed will cache the information for a period of time. Then, the original requesting CDN will communicate with the server where the information originated to ensure that it is appropriately cached. All of this happens quickly behind the scenes and with a solid hosting platform, the user will never be aware of all of this activity.

Benefits of a CDN
When companies have clients from around the world, our networks can serve them with fast load times. Also, our platform can reduce the bandwidth used by many applications. Our staff also work diligently to prevent spammers or hackers from affecting your sites. This means that your work, be it videos, games, content or e-commerce transactions, are protected from those on the dark web that have malicious intentions. Both you and your potential clients can have a safe, secure online experience.